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Since every home is unique, a customized approach must be taken in order to sell it for maximum return. Before any plan is implemented, I need to visit and tour the property before I can discuss the ideal plan to sell your home.

What’s Included in My Services?

After my initial visit, I’ll go over some simple, effective steps to market and present your home to prospective buyers. With buyers, first impressions count! A small investment in time and money will give you an edge over other homes for sale in your neighbourhood!

If you live in a condo, I will pay the costs to obtain the necessary documents from your strata corporation. Without these documents, an offer to purchase your home will likely not proceed. When your home is listed on the MLS®, I will post the strata documents on my site. This way, any prospective buyers have a chance to view and read the documents and make an informed decision to purchase your home. We want to attract a qualified buyer.

If necessary and/or applicable, I will assist you with hiring a professional staging company. Staging a home is very effective if you plan to sell your investment property that is vacant or when your home needs updating.

It’s also important to keep your home clean and spotless for showings. I understand it might not be realistic for you to keep your home in ‘show condition’ due to your busy schedule but don’t worry. I’ll take care of this. If necessary, I will hire professional cleaners to come in before showings.

I will ensure your home is professionally photographed. Without any photos or a variety of photos, people will overlook your home and look elsewhere. We don’t want this to happen.  Photos are the first impression that we give prospective buyers and it’s best to show them as many photos as possible. Why? Photos generate interest and give buyers an opportunity to envision themselves in your home. I’ll ensure your home is photographed to highlight its unique characteristics.

Have you ever viewed a listing on the web and wondered what the layout was like? Or visit an open house and realized the dimensions of the rooms seem smaller than advertised? Selling a home without verifying the square footage is risky business. I’ll hire a company that will measure the square footage of your home and produce a floor plan. The plan will be used for feature sheets and created into a PDF for the web. It is another tool to help us qualify prospective buyers. Not only does a floor plan look professional, it’s useful for buyers and it verifies the room dimensions as the measurements are guaranteed (O&E insured).

Once we have taken care of the basics, I will list your home on the MLS®. There are over 9,700 realtors in the Greater Vancouver area that access the MLS®. Imagine the list of all their clients! We only need one buyer for your home and MLS® is one the best ways to reach prospective buyers.

Just Listed Flyers. This is a tried and true method of getting the word out there. Your neighbours might not be interested in buying a home at the moment but they might know someone that is looking. Your neighbour’s family member might be looking to buy a house in the same area…your neighbour who has been renting in the area, might have recently decided to purchase a home instead of paying rent. These are real examples of why it’s important to target neighbouring homes.

Internet Marketing. Let’s face it. Very few people visit a home without viewing it first on the internet. Not only can you view additional photos, but you can view other important details such as square footage, lot size, and number of bedrooms, just to name a few. Below are the ways I use internet marketing to reach prospective purchasers:

The Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) will be used to list your home. By using the MLS®, your home will be accessible to over 9,700 realtors in the Greater Vancouver area that are looking for properties like yours to show to their clients. The public can also view properties listed on the MLS® via realtor®.ca. The MLS® is the number one marketing tool that we should use that will give you the most exposure for your home.

I create a custom listing sheet and send to my database via email and/or Facebook. These people are my clients, friends, and other people whom I met through open houses or acquaintances. They may not be currently searching but they may know someone who is looking for a home that meets their criteria.

Ever wonder how many people called regarding your property, what they asked and where they were from? I include a detailed Caller’s Log which tracks all those details along with the time of day they called, whether they made an appointment to view your home, and all showings. Why is this important? As your agent, I prefer to keep you informed about the activity regarding your home. The Caller’s Log is another way to know that we have attracted the right clientele but how does it help you? I’ll tell you who would be a qualified buyer based on the questions that I ask them.  When we have an open house, I’ll tell you how many people visited, where they were from, and the comments they made.

Selling (and buying) a home generates a lot of paperwork. The contract, disclosure statements, title search, and feature sheets are just a few of the documents that you will gather during the selling process. I always keep both a hard and soft copy of all the documents related to the sale so you don’t need to worry if you misplace or wonder if all the documents are in place. I will also organize and send all the documents to the lawyer so the only thing you need to do is arrange an appointment and prepare the funds for closing.

My services include your lawyer’s fees. Why?

You hired me to market and sell your property and I believe the lawyer’s fee should be included in that cost. Does that mean you have to use a lawyer that I recommend?

Of course not! If you prefer to use a particular lawyer, I will pay their fee on your behalf.

I hope you have a better sense about how I work and how my services can benefit you. My fee is negotiable but my services are not. My services are included in my fee!

If you believe what I offer can benefit you, please get in touch with me.

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